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I am in L.O.V.E. with the Meadows.

The meadows is the park separating Marchmont from Campus. It is a short 15 minute scenic walk from my real flat to the main area of old town where Uni resides and it is glorious. I have always appreciated walking along its path under the bare trees in the fall, snow-covered trees in the winter, and now the pink cherry blossom trees in summer. What’s different now is the people. All year we have rushed through the meadows, not looking around, not looking back. On the way to class, on the way to the library, late for a meeting, trying to make a lecture, etc. In the winter we tried to be out of the horribly tended walks covered in snow (no one seems to own a shovel and there are about 2 snow plows in all of Scotland) as much as possible. Even when the snow wasn’t around to annoy us, the days were too short to enjoy Edinburgh. The sun was up by 8 and down by 3. Pitch black at 4 in the afternoon.

Now with classes finished we all seem to mosey on through the meadows. People stop to take pictures of Jawbone at the start (or foot depending which way you are walking) of the path or try and capture the beauty of the cherry blossoms lining the way. Everyone is walking in the grass and finding a wonderful spot to call their own for the next few hours while they let the sun warm their skin and lose themself in a book or great company. The longer hours lead to a plethora amount of time to do things all day. The sun is up at 6:30 am and doesn’t vanish from the sky until 8pm and the days will only get longer. This beautiful sunshine will eventually stay out until 10  o’clock at night.

These past few days I have taken up shop with some great friends in the meadows. Which, with every passing day, is beginning to resemble OU’s south beach and sixfest more and more. Grills are out, people are sunbathing, playing football (Scottish), cricket, and rounders. Bands play in different spots throughout the Meadows. Dogs are running around free without leashes looking for friends to play with. People are flying kites, ribbon dancing, and riding unicycles. Others are tight rope walking and juggling. When I list these things off it is not a one time thing. Without fail each day we have seen all of things on several occasions. I am more specifically referring to the unicyclist, tight rope walkers, and jugglers. It’s crazy. The idea of Bingo game or scavenger hunt is in the workings of spotting out the randomness. Future barbeques are in the works as well. This is turning out to be a pretty fabulous summer!

Until August, when the I won’t be able to see the ground of the Meadows due to the festival, I plan on making The Meadows my office. Doing all my reading and writing under the sun.

p.s. I didn’t have my cam with me so the pics of the unicyclist and the tight rope walker were to far away. I promise to do better next time!

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