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Farmer's Market

People shopping at the Farmer's Market

I have discovered the farmer’s market and it is glorious. Last week Lindsay, Rosie, and I walked down to the base of Edinburgh Castle where the market is held. It is a small portion of tents lining the sidewalk but is has a lot to offer. Mistake number one was eating breakfast before heading out.

Edinburgh Castle from the Farmer's Market

Edinburgh Castle from the Farmer's Market

They have ostrich burgers, Angus beef burgers, fresh fish, fresh cheeses, organic vegetables but most importantly they have the Chocolate Tree ice cream stand. The Chocolate Tree has the best chocolate I have ever tasted in every combination possible including Chocolate Chili, which is also made into one of their delicious ice cream flavors. My mouth is watering as I type.

We had so much fun trying different dips and sauces, homemade jams, and bits of breads. After picking out some key fixings we decided to have a nice dinner together with all of our purchases – our favorite being sausage from Well Hung and Tender Beef.

Where we bought our sausage for dinner....hehehe

Can’t wait to go back this week and pick out some more delicious goodies!

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